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Articles Written by Simon


About Simon: Simon has worked in the fields of graphic design, multimedia and production. He has an obsession with objects and their relationships with people. He enjoys making things and sketching in notebooks. Simon is currently studying Industrial Design and rides his bike everywhere in Portland, Oregon. (View Profile)


SCRW Stool by Manuel Welsky

I’m easily charmed by industrial style stools with big chunky exposed screw threads, but what happens when the entire stool is a screw thread? The SCRW Stool consists of a solid cork stool mating with a steel base that height adjusts by simply turning it. SCRW Stool is handmade in Germany with about a month lead time, get in touch with Manuel for more ordering information.

Airport Runway Screenprints

Airports are essentially just another means of transportation, but the distance covered and time it takes to travel leaves deeper impressions on people than just a simple car or subway ride. We all have at least one airport that we hold dear to heart one way or another. Whether you have an emotional connection with one, or maybe you’ve got hometown pride for your favorite airport, these Airport Runway Screenprints by Nomo Design will beautifully adorn your wall. Each 18 x 24” print features an international airport’s floorplan screenprinted white on black French Paper Co. paper. Two dollars of every Runway Poster sold goes to the Challenge Air Program, a program that builds self-esteem and confidence of children and youth with specials needs, through the experience of flight.

Purchase Information:

Price: $26.00
Available from: NOMO Shop

Source: Design Milk

ModKnobs Modern Door Knobs

“Down with lame door knobs” is the motto Mary & Jeff of ModKnobs go by. They couldn’t find any suitable ones on the market when remodeling their home, so they decided to release their own line. Four styles are available — puck, matte, walnut, oak — in a handful of materials: vulcanized rubber, PaperStone (a pressed material made from recycled cardboard), and of course; walnut and oak. If you’re going for sleek and modern interior you really can’t go wrong with one of these door knobs.  Prices range from $95 to $125, depending on style and material.

Purchase Information:

Price: $95.00
Available from: ModKnobs

Source: Materialicious

Muji Lego Paper Toys

To most people, trying to improve the LEGO block would be like reinventing the wheel, but leave it to the designers over at Muji to not leave well enough alone and come up with a very creative toy series that combine the snap-together blocks with paper. Each of the six play sets includes a collection of LEGO bricks, paper, and instructions to construct example models. A specially designed hole puncher creates perfectly sized holes to fit the blocks. Current sets include; Basic, Move, Sea, Animal & Vehicle, Christmas, and Animals. Just to add my two cents, I would prefer to buy only the hole punch, provide my own LEGO blocks, and let my kids go wild with blank construction paper, crayons and scissors. Either way, you can count on these toys to provide endless hours of creative fun.

Purchase Information:

Price: $14.50
Available from: MUJI

Source: Design Boom

Ridekick Electric Bicycle Trailer

Hmm… a detachable electric motor assist bicycle trailer. Quite brilliant, I’d say! How come no one has come up with this before? Having the motor transmission separate from the bicycle means not having to commit to an expensive, clunky, full-on electric bicycle, or a third-party add-on motor to your bike. You get to keep the bike you already own, and your bike stays just the way it is. Ride it solo for short jaunts round town, and fire up the Ridekick for longer rides and hauling some cargo. It’ll whiz you round on the bike lanes at a steady 19 mph, and get up to 12 miles on a full charge. A weather resistant storage case with lock keeps your groceries dry.  For those not convinced on the lead acid battery, a lithium-ion battery version is currently being developed, stay tuned to their website for the latest updates.

Purchase Information:

Price: $699.00
Available from: Ridekick

Joby Gorillapod Micro

These tripods were released last year but have since flew under my radar until a recent visit to The Moma Design Store. Joby are the experts are in making compact, infinitely adjustable tripods. If you don’t know the name you certainly know the design. After expanding their market to carry bigger, heavier SLRS and video cameras, they’ve decided to size down for their next major product release. The Gorillapod Mirco is designed to always stay on your camera, prepared for any impromptu shot. Simply fan out the legs and prop on a surface. It’s quite remarkable that they were able to squeeze a rotating and tilting ball head into such a small design. Available in two sizes: the Micro 250 and the more robust Micro 800.

Purchase Information:

Price: $19.95
Available from: Joby

Source: Wired

Graypants Scrap Cardboard Lamps

We posted about Seattle-based Graypants‘ Scrap Lights back in 2008, and we’re quite happy to say that they are not only still available to purchase, but a few new models have been released. Scrap Lights are pendant lamps laser-cut from repurposed cardboard boxes, hand assembled in Seattle. Sizes and prices range from $129 for the 8” Moon, to the monstrous room-filling 36” Drum, which sells for  $1399. Each one is made to order. Available with a black or white cord.

Purchase Information:

Price: $129.00 and up
Available from: Graypants

Wörther Shorty Lead Holder

This was a favorite find of mine during a recent visit to Hand Eye Supply. I swear by my trusty Staedler lead holder for fine lines and controlled precision, but I can’t help but want to buy this Wörther Shorty for just the opposite reason; fast sketching and writing with big, fat strokes, compliments of its hefty 3mm soft lead. Available in plastic, natural aluminum, and maple. Prices range from $15 – $35 depending on material. Comes with two spare leads.

Purchase Information:

Price: $14.00
Available from: Hand Eye Supply

Francis Mirrors by Petite Friture

Just. Gorgeous. The Francis Mirrors by Petite Friture are a colorful re-interpretation of the vintage/distressed mirror. The worn-off reflective backing of such mirrors that would normally show through are filled in with chromatic pigments, taking on a water-color effect. Available in both wall and pocket size, in two colors.

Purchase Information:

Price: €495.00
Available from: Petite Friture

Field Notes: Red Blooded

The Field Notes Red Blooded Edition is the latest color offering of the trusted and timeless pocket notebook. It’s not news worth shouting from the rooftops, but the timing makes it a great gift for that special someone in your life. Taking the theme and running with it, Field Notes created this video turning one of the notebooks into a heart-warming valentine. They “swear” they’re not trying to sell you notebooks. Really. Click below for the video.

Purchase Information:

Price: $9.95
Available from: Field Notes

Braided Bike Lock

These braided bike locks were my absolute favorite product at Portland’s Bike Craft event last month. Beautiful hand-crafted design meets utiliarian function in this bike lock that will keep your bike secure and sartorial points up for you style-conscious urban riders. Sorry, the website is in Japanese and I really couldn’t fill you in on many more details. They are available in large selection of colorways as well as customizable.

Purchase Information:

Price: $59.00
Available from:

Steel Bookends

These steel bookends are completely devoid of any frills and are made to do one task, and one task only. A perfect fit for the Jasper Morrison Shop, a curated selection of utilitarian, well-made, functional goods. Comes in a powder-coated finish and available in black, yellow, and white.

Purchase Information:

Price: £3.50
Available from: Jasper Morrison Shop

Fuuvi Bee 8mm Digital Camera

If the Clap Digital Camera didn’t win you over for its adorable charm, or maybe you weren’t quite convinced by its 30 second limited videos clips, the Fuuvi Bee 8mm Digital Camera may be your answer to a fun and simple retro-styled digital camera. Form takes inspiration from vintage Super 8 cameras, made pocket-sized. The 1.3 million pixel CMOS lens captures “retro” videos of 640×480 resolution or still images at 1280×960 resolution. Records on a microSD and can shoot a continuous 100 minute clip. Available in white or black and is packaged with wrist strap and USB cable.

Purchase Information:

Price: $79.99
Available from: Audiocubes

Source: I New Idea

Good Ink: American Shorts Box Set

I recently spotted this delightful box set at Land Gallery. Put out by mini-notebook maker extraordinaire Scout Books, this box set includes their entire set of Good Ink: American Shorts, ten total, plus two blank notebooks. Each 32 page pocket-sized volume pairs a must-read American Author with a contemporary illustrator. I’m sure you can buy these classics used for a lower price, but keep in mind that purchasing these supports independent publishers, printers and artists. The books included in the set:

Purchase Information:

Price: $34.95
Availability: Buy Good Ink: American Shorts Box Set here

Clap Digital Camera

This Clap Digital Camera won’t compete with Hipstamatic or Instagram for its social aspect, but it’ll provide a different kind of vintage vibe to your shutter snapping; spontaneity. Keeping your camera on your necklace on in your front pocket ensures a never missed opportunity to catch that moment from last night’s party. Not having a LCD preview keeps you in the present and not mucking about uploading your photos to the web and tagging your photos. Need I mention that the camera is also just adorable?  It also records movies 30 second movies and functions as a USB drive.

Purchase Information:

Price: $50.00
Available from: Via Alley