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Open Wall Cube

What you see is what you get, minus the accessories, of course.

Purchase Information:

Price: $49
Availability: Buy Open Wall Cube here

Hive Cube Shelving

Stack ’em any way you want. Configure ’til your heart’s content. Each hive cube is sold separately for about $89 ($72 on sale), so I guess the way it’s shown here would be around $712. I’d say that’s alright for a unique shelving set, wouldn’t you?

Available in white or unfinished walnut

Modular Shelving

This modular system can be arranged and re-arranged depending on your needs.

More information:

View Modular Shelving here

Hive wall Shelf

Okay, so since I mentioned the stacking cubes, I think it’s necessary to mention that you can also get these shelves, which are sold as a set of three (nested).

Purchase Information:

Price: $129
Availability: Buy Hive wall Shelf here