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Cameras Tripods

iErnest camera strap

Ooo, take a look at this very nice camera strap. It has an elastic shock absorber (it’s adjustable) to reduce neck and shoulder pressure as well as a few extra details that set it far above your current strap. There’s no plastic parts or connectors, and small leather discs pad the metal D-rings and protect your camera. There’s also a concealed neoprene neck pad for extra comfort. Oh, and, of course, it looks (and probably feels) expensive because it is.

Purchase Information:

Price: โ‚ฌ119.00
Available from: iErnest

Joby Gorillapod Micro

These tripods were released last year but have since flew under my radar until a recent visit to The Moma Design Store. Joby are the experts are in making compact, infinitely adjustable tripods. If you don’t know the name you certainly know the design. After expanding their market to carry bigger, heavier SLRS and video cameras, they’ve decided to size down for their next major product release. The Gorillapod Mirco is designed to always stay on your camera, prepared for any impromptu shot. Simply fan out the legs and prop on a surface. It’s quite remarkable that they were able to squeeze a rotating and tilting ball head into such a small design. Available in two sizes: the Micro 250 and the more robust Micro 800.

Purchase Information:

Price: $19.95
Available from: Joby

Source: Wired

Twig Pod

This pointy footed monopod will assist you on your outdoor travels. It collapses down to 8″ and works just like a tent rod with a bungee tension line so you can assemble it in a snap. A ball-head mount allows for vertical or horizontal (or whatever angle) shots. It’s intended for compact cameras (fits standard tripod thread ), so you pros with DSLRs are out of luck.

Purchase Information:

Price: $28.00
Available from: Photojojo

Fuuvi Bee 8mm Digital Camera

If the Clap Digital Camera didn’t win you over for its adorable charm, or maybe you weren’t quite convinced by its 30 second limited videos clips, the Fuuvi Bee 8mm Digital Camera may be your answer to a fun and simple retro-styled digital camera. Form takes inspiration from vintage Super 8 cameras, made pocket-sized. Theร‚ย 1.3 million pixel CMOS lens captures “retro” videos of 640ร—480 resolution or still images at 1280ร—960 resolution. Records on a microSD and can shoot a continuous 100 minute clip. Available in white or black and is packaged with wrist strap and USB cable.

Purchase Information:

Price: $79.99
Available from: Audiocubes

Source: I New Idea


Do you ever wish for a little extra something when using your phone’s camera? I sure do. This handy little lens boosts your photography on the iPhone 4 or 4S by providing fisheye, wide-angle and macro lenses all in one small package. It connects to the phone in seconds, and you simply flip it over to switch lenses. For those of us that insist on using our smart phones for every conceivable photo, it’ll be added to our wish lists pronto.

Purchase Information:

Price: $69.99
Available from:


The Instagram-addicted among you will be more than happy to hear this: for $12 you can get a special little book filled with your photos. Printed on cardstock with a glossy photo-finish, the photos are just about the same size as they appear on your iPhone, so you’ll be able to carry it around and show off your snaps. Each order comes with 2 books (and each book has 50 photos in it).


Purchase Information:

Price: $12.00
Availability: Buy Minibook here

Source: Incredible Things

Expedition Wooden Tripod

Amateur or pro, this wooden tripod would no doubt become an heirloom in any photographer’s toolkit. Built in the same way for over 100 years in Germany by Berlebach, the tripod is made of sustainably harvested ash wood and extends from 2 to 6 feet. An aluminum core keeps it light at 6.20 lbs, meaning you can tote it around semi-comfortably at events or short hikes. Also, did you know that wood absorbs vibration naturally? So, less worries about shaky pics.

Purchase Information:

Price: $290.00
Available from: Photojojo

Red Pop

Another Kickstarter project to feast your eyes upon: the Red Pop is an accessory that adds a big, red button to the iPhone so you can take photos easier. Instead of tapping around on the iPhone’s screen, the Red Pop’s button brings back a little of the old camera feel, giving you a firm grip on the phone as well as less down time between photos. The goal has been met for 1st production, but you are still able to pledge $75 or more to receive one of the very first Red Pops. For more details, visit Redpop’s kickstarter page.

Purchase Information:

Price: $75.00 pledge
Available from: Kickstarter

Source: Future Blog : Design Hotels

Diana Mini Camera with Flash

Camera phones are convenient, sure, but a little of the photography romance is lost without the proper click and whirl of film. This petite Diana Camera will give you square shots and half-frame photos (see below) and with the Diana F+ Flash included, you’ll have fun tinting your shots by slipping on one of the 12 color gel filters.


Purchase Information:

Price: $105.00
Available from: Poketo!

Digital Harinezumi

From our archives (originally published January 8, 2010), for your gift list consideration… to see more, visit our Gift Guide.

This 2-megapixel Digital Harinezumi by Superheadz will give you soft, out-of-focus videos and still images like the old Super 8mm. If you’re not quite certain what that means, there’s a video below that shows what it looks like.

3.8″ x 1″ x 2.2″
lens: 24 mm (equivalent to 39.6 mm in 135mm format)


Purchase Information:

Price: $169.00
Available from: gnr8

Pin-hole Solargraphy Camera

From our archives (originally published December 14, 2009), for your gift list consideration… to see more, visit our Gift Guide.

If you’re still lost on small gift ideas, this pinhole camera is pretty much the perfect stocking stuffer for just about everyone.

Make-It-Yourself Paper Pinhole and Solargraphy kit. Assemble in 1-2 hours, no knife or scissors needed. Use 35mm film (not included) preferably ISO200. Technical Specs: Film type: Aperture 1.16mm. Focal length 20mm. F stop F/130. Pinhole cameras do not have optical lenses. Film is exposed by light through a tiny hole in front of camera. Because there is no lens, the image will be in focus at all distances. Best pinhole pictures are taken on a bright day. The camera must be very still when shooting. Exposure times range from 5 seconds to hours and sometimes days.

[via Dwell]

Purchase Information:

Price: $10.00
Availability: Buy Pin-hole Solargraphy Camera here

Source: Dwell

Black Bird Fly Twin Lens Reflex Camera

From our archives (originally published October 7, 2009), for your gift list consideration… to see more, visit our Gift Guide.

When was the last time you picked up a camera that had film? A while maybe? Might be fun to experiment with the old school style again, you might be surprised with the images you take. (Perhaps this could also be a delightful gift for a friend or family member?)

Shutter speed of 1/125
Standard 35mm film format
Also available from Amazon.

Purchase Information:

Price: $140.00
Available from: Poketo!

Galileo’s Telescope

Inspired by Galileo’s first telescope made in 1609, this little guy has the same focal length of 1 meter, yet is appropriately updated with ‘modern optical technology’ and a contemporary design. Now, whether you use it to for astronomical observations as Galileo did or neighborly spying is completely up to you.


Purchase Information:

Price: $390.00
Available from: GSelect

Spinner 360 Camera

Just pull the cord with one hand and watch as the camera spins around 360ยฐ in the other, recording your complete surroundings in a split second. Who says film is dead?

Film Type: 35mm

Also available from Lomography for โ‚ฌ125.00.

Purchase Information:

Price: $145.00
Available from: Velocity

Olympus PEN E-PL1

I was quite excited when the first one of these was released, though it was too expensive, had no viewfinder, and no flash. Wasn’t alone on these opinions and Olympus has thankfully addressed all of these issues. While my bank account still can’t afford it, at least it’s much closer to reality.

What’s to like about it? Micro four thirds, smaller body, interchangable lens. HD video. Way too many features too list right here, check out ’em out at Amazon.

Check out dpReview‘s article comparing the original to the newer version.
Photo Credit: dpReview

Purchase Information:

Price: $600.00
Available from:

Source: Engadget