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Apparatus Lighting

Apparatus Lighting

Holy smokes. Apparatus is hitting exactly the right note with their modern-yet-timeworn lighting collection, and if you have a healthy budget, you’ll definitely want to consider one of their chandelier/pendants for one heck of a statement. Using a vintage sensibility, designer Gabriel Hendifar and partner Jeremy Anderson create fixtures using aged brass, hand-etched glass, leather, and porcelain to create these eclectic fixtures. A few pieces are below, but do check out their website for the full collection and variations on each design: Apparatus.

Shown above: Triad 15, 63″ D, $8,700.00 – $11,200.00

Apparatus Lighting Highwire
Highwire, $2,700.00 – $4,600.00

Apparatus Lighting Compass
Compass, $3,045.00 – $3,750

Apparatus Lighting Arrow
Arrow, $2,850.00 – $5,600.00

Available from Apparatus, .

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