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Arcto Alpine Salt and Pepper Shaker

Arcto Alpine Salt and Pepper Shaker

When you’re off on your adventures, you need not go without salt and pepper. The Arcto Alpine Travel Shaker is designed for robustness: it’s humid proof to prevent clumping and housed in a extra tough plastic case to withstand all sorts of abuse. It opens with a “click” so you’ll know when it’s open- no unnecessary spills in your bag, thank you very much. Get it, and all of your future travel companions will want to be your best friend come dinner time.

Manufacturer: Swiss Advance
Country: Switzerland
Material: PCTG, stainless steel

Arcto Alpine Travel Salt and Pepper Shaker

Updated price and link; originally posted Jul 11, 2016.

Available from Camping Survival, $18.58.

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