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Benjamin Brush

Benjamin Brush

Do you have trouble getting your kids to brush their teeth? Or do you not brush your teeth long enough? The Benjamin Brush might fix that little problem, as it’s the first electric toothbrush with an integrated speaker and music store. Choose a song, and it’ll play for two minutes- the recommended amount of time to get those teeth clean. The Benjamin also features Sonic Vibe Technology and fun silicone bristles that won’t damage your gums or tooth enamel.

Benjamin Brush App

“Our smart base is smarter, and more fun! Housing a motor for high-frequency sonic cleaning, as well as a speaker that plays music. Don’t worry – it’s all fully waterproof and simply charged via USB.”

-Pledge $59 or more and receive a Benjamin Brush Smart Base and Brush Head, plus one free track from the BleepBleeps Music Store.
-You’ll get to choose your Brush Head and color after the campaign ends.
-BleepBleeps app also records when and how long you brush for, so family members can compete.

Available from Kickstarter, $59.00.

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