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Cord Chandelier

Cord Chandelier

Do you want a large chandelier? Are you looking to spend around $2,000? If you are nodding your head to both of those questions, please do take a look at this Cord Chandelier from Brendan Ravenhill. It’s a tensegrity structure (full definition here), which, in this case, roughly means the constant tension of the arms and electrical wires allow for the radiating design. Custom sizing is also available, with a lead time of 3-4 weeks. Also, if you like the design, but are in the market for a smaller swing arm lamp, check out the Cord Lamp, with the much more affordable price tag of $220.

Cord Chandelier

Dimensions: 40โ€ย x 40โ€ย x 10.5โ€ย
Materials: Steel, Brass, Porcelain, Cloth Cord

Long Cord Chandelier

Also available: Long Cord Chandelier, $2,200.00
“In this new version, two longer arms give the chandelier a 46 inch wingspan, while the the four other arms are kept tight with an overall width of 29 inches, narrow enough to fit within the footprint of standard tables.”

Available from Brendan Ravenhill, 2,000.00.

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