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Joggy Security Cam

Joggy Security Cam

Note: We’ve received an email from a reader that pointed out several concerns regarding this Indiegogo project. We suggest you read through the comments on the project page and check out the owners/manufacturers at the very least before contributing.

This security camera is a small, wearable camera equipped with motion sensor & tracker. While some of the finer details still seem to be in development, there are enough uses that make backing the project very tempting. Mount it outside your front door to be alerted to movement or sound or mount it inside the home to keep an eye on the kids. Put it in your luggage to track your bags or maybe clip it on your shirt to record possible pictures on a hike. You can even use it to park your car when it’s in the parking mode. Lots of options, aren’t there? Take a look at the video below, or go to Joggy’s Indiegogo page for more info.

Joggy from Joggy on Vimeo.

-2, 8 and 16 GB storage.
-Connect Joggy with cloud service and sync photos and videos with it.
-Developing apps for Android, iOS and windows phone platform.
-4 modes of operation with device: Home, Children, Tracker, Car.

Joggy Security Cam

Available from Indigogo, $79.00.

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