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Light Switch by Tobias Wong

Light Switch by Tobias Wong

I was actually looking for something like this recently because I read before I go to bed and then I’m too tired to turn off the light–you know the story–and when I finally get up to turn the light out, it wakes me up a little then I can’t go to bed.

I think we’ve all seen this before, but I had sort of forgotten about it because maybe it was only a concept piece before? I can’t recall. But in any case, it’s available now.

“Another “instant” classic from Tobias Wong. Melding wit with functionality, this wireless light switch can control any light fixture (or any electrical device) within 100 feet. Attach the remote component to the fixture of your choice and simply “flip the switch”.”

Open edition in Chrome and a Limited Edition of 500 in 14k Gold.

Or, as one of our faithful readers wrote in, you can get one of these as an alternative.



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