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Raised Fist Poster

Raised Fist Poster

The clenched fist is a “a universal sign of solidarity and support.” Should you feel beaten down by the news of the past few days, remember, you are not alone. This particular print may just be enough to keep you going… organizing, uniting, and working to make sure your voice is heard.

“This salute dates back to ancient #Assyria as an expression of resistance in the face of violence…”

Proceeds from sales of these posters benefit cancer charities of Børge Bredenbekk’s choosing.

Artworks offset-printed on FSC-certified, uncoated archival quality paper in Paper Collective’s certified sustainable operation in Denmark.

by Paper Collective & Børge Bredenbekk

Raised Fist Poster by Paper Collective & Børge Bredenbekk

Available from A+R Store, $48.00.

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