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Instant Dry Umbrella

An instantly dry umbrella? Really? Yes, in fact, this umbrella is made with water-repellant fabric that allows you to simply shake water off in one flutter. Watch the video below to see it with your own eyes, and then marvel how nice it would be to not have water puddles inside entryways. Sure, it’s a small issue, to be sure, but an improvement none the less.

Purchase Information:

Price: $48.00
Available from: MoMA Store

Senz Windproof Umbrella

In preparation for the upcoming April showers, let’s ask ourselves this: do we have a decent umbrella? And, by ‘decent’ I mean one that won’t upturn at a gust of wind, nor frustrate us with its finicky folding/unfolding. Yep, it’s just as I thought. Most of us could use an upgrade to a Senz Windproof Umbrella.

The Senz has an aerodynamic shape that resists winds of up to 62 miles per hour (let’s hope you’re inside should that occur) and has a strong rib construction that prevents it from inverting. I bet you’ll be the envy of your fellow commuters during the next rainstorm. Maybe even your coworkers will admire your arrival to the office, mostly dry and somewhat happy, and wish they could be more like you… for the umpteenth time, of course.

Purchase Information:

Price: $89.00-99.00
Available from: Gessato

Hi-Reflective Umbrella

A black umbrella in rainy weather doesn’t make much sense, as you run the risk of blending in with the background and being invisible to oncoming traffic. Now, this Hi-Reflective Umbrella would certainly ensure your visibility, as it reflects the light off of street lamps and headlights to make sure you shine.

Purchase Information:

Price: $42.00
Available from: MoMA Store

Cory Arcangel Umbrella

If it’s going to rain, you might as well brighten up the dreariness with a bright red umbrella, and if that bright red umbrella’s design is based on a PhotoShop gradient Cory Arcangel made for Showpaper, well, then that’s even better. The only drawback is you might have a few inquiries from strangers asking where you obtained such a delightfully graphic rain shield, and then you’ll have to (ugh) talk to them instead of pretending to ignore everyone.


Purchase Information:

Price: $28.00
Available from: Whitney Museum Shop

Cotton Umbrella

For goodness’ sake, get yourself a decent umbrella. There’s few things worse than inadequate protection on a cold and rainy day, so invest a little more money to keep yourself dry. In the case of this cotton umbrella, it’ll do that job and more, as you’ll look a tad more put together, maybe even dapper. There’s several bright(er) colors to choose from if black is too somber for your wardrobe.

Purchase Information:

Price: $60.00
Available from: Nalata Nalata

Blunt XS Metro Umbrella

Remember the Blunt Umbrella? Now there’s a collapsible version that can easily fit in your bag. With the same patented BLUNT Tips (to you, these are the non-poke corners) and unique Radial Tensioning System (reinforcement to keep it from collapsing when strong winds strike), the XS gives you the same rain protection in a convenient carrying size. See the other sizes on Blunt’s website.


Purchase Information:

Price: $49.00
Available from: BLUNT

Filson Cover Cloth Umbrella

I’ve always thought of the umbrella as a good example of our throw-away culture. After every rainstorm in the city, you’ll be sure to find a blown-out, discarded umbrella on the street. A properly built umbrella is an investment in a product that won’t fall apart and will guarantee to keep you dry for years to come, not just through the next rainy day. Bulletproof and hard-wearing workwear manufacturer Filson applies their rugged and practical design standards to the Cover Cloth Umbrella. It’s made with heavy-duty construction and water repellant Cover Cloth material which will only look better with age. Available in Tan at Blackbird and Otter Green directly from Filson.

Purchase Information:

Price: $100.00
Availability: Buy Filson Cover Cloth Umbrella here

Source: Hypebeast

Goggles Umbrella

This umbrella by 25togo from Taiwan has a goggle-shaped window for seeing (or spying, as is suggested), no doubt helpful when you want to keep dry yet not crash into other pedestrians. Topped off with a periscope-shaped cap, it’s cute enough to get some smiles and funny enough to be admired (no scoffing allowed).


Purchase Information:

Price: $56.00
Available from: designboom shop


Sure, there’s the Brelli and then there’s the SUNbrelli (or rather sunBRELLI). The latter will protect you from the sun’s rays as well as the rain, with the same biodegradable plastic canopy.


Purchase Information:

Price: $59.00
Available from: BRELLI

London Undercover Umbrellas

If you plan your outfit right down to your weather accessories, you might have heard of London Undercover. Established by designer Jamie Milestone in 2008, they offer a fair selection of stylish umbrellas to keep you dry, and perhaps best of all, all the umbrellas are made using recycled materials and minimal waste.

Recycled canvas fabric, recycled metal shafts & frames, recycled and biodegradeable handles and recycled packaging and tags.

Purchase Information:

Price: ยฃ50.00
Available from: London Undercover

Cork Umbrella

Yes, an umbrella made from cork. Really. Cork is naturally water-resistant and eco-friendly (as it is a sustainable resource), so it’ll keep you dry and happy.

Designer: Sandra Correia
Made in Portugal.
Cork with cotton lining, a metal frame, and a wooden handle.

Purchase Information:

Price: $162.00
Available from: MoMA Store

Color-Changing Umbrella

On dreary rain-drenched days, watch this black and white umbrella change to colorful splatters.

The paint splatter pattern on this umbrella’s exterior changes from white to bright shades of green, yellow, blue, pink, and orange when wet, creating a vibrant rainbow on a rainy day.

Size: 37″ span

Purchase Information:

Price: $38.00
Availability: Buy Color-Changing Umbrella here

Blunt Umbrellas

You know those pointy ends of umbrellas that poke you in the face or that you poke other people in the face with? Well, no more. Enter in the Blunt Umbrella, with rounded corners that will keep you from injuring others and possibly also from injuring yourself. Plus, it’s got a few fancy reinforcements (radial tensioning system and double struts) to keep the structure intact when strong winds strike.

Available in three different sizes for individuals, couples or golfing.
Colors: Black, blue or silver.

[via designboom]

Purchase Information:

Price: $79.00
Availability: Buy Blunt Umbrellas here

Source: Via

Ninja Umbrella

Because it has a carrying case and it’s funny.

You too can bring honor to your family with the ninja umbrella featuring a samurai sword handle. Comes with carrying case for dramatic effect (and easy transport).

SIZE: 24″ canopy

$30.00, Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

Price: $30.00
Availability: Buy Ninja Umbrella here

The Umbuster by Sruli Recht

I’m sure everyone’s seen a movie or show where an umbrella is used as a weapon, usually by someone whacking a thief/ruffian over the head. I see this as a smart, modernized version of that same idea.

Each handle is individually CNC cut in a 5 hour process by the enduring Mr Liu.
The umbrella itself is provided by the good Guy de Jean of France.
And finally packaged in the boxes designed with the good Snorri Mรกr Snorrason here in Reykjavik Proper.

225 € + shipping, Buy it here.