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Domestic Art: Curated Interiors

Domestic Art: Curated Interiors

This book sure has its fair share of interesting homes. Detailed photographs of layered interiors might just bring out your collector’s side and have you itching to display all sorts of strange paraphernalia (in the most elegant sort of way, of course). Even if you tend towards the minimal, the rich rooms might inspire you to add a different sort of detail here and there.

The selected houses in this book were pulled from the pages of PaperCity, from the years 2000 to 2008. Roughly a decade of design alchemy and clinking highballs. The editors of this book foraged for both the musty and gutsy and the soaring and sensual, from a 500-square-foot bedsit to a mid-century organic architectural wonder thirty seven glorious projects, from follies to disciplined mansions, from Dominique and John de Menil s International-style house with its interior by the great couturier Charles James to artist Christian Eckart’s abandoned 1940s warehouses polished to gleaming architectural wonder.

$40.95, Buy it here.

Domestic Art



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