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Buoy and Droplet Superstring Lights

Buoy and Droplet Superstring Lights

Whoa. It’s been a while since we’ve taken a look at Patrick Townsend’s lighting portfolio, and what a smacker of a surprise to see the current offerings. The Buoy Large Pendant (above) sure is something special, with its handblown glass bubble and surrounding bursts of light, and the Droplet Bronze (below) is simply spectacular. If the price points on those are too high for you, please don’t overlook the original Orbit 35″ ($900) fixture, or the newer Stellar56 (shown below).

Buoy Small Pendant by Townsend Design
Buoy Small Pendant, $1,400.00

Droplet Bronze Light by Townsend Design
Droplet Bronze, $7,200.00

Droplet Bronze Light detail by Townsend Design
Droplet Bronze (detail), $7,200.00

Stellar56 Black by Townsend Design
Stellar56 Black, $1,700.00 (There’s a bigger Stellar80 as well at $2,400.00)

Available from Townsend Design, $900.00 +.

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