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Sambonet Terra.Cotto Cookware

Sambonet Terra.Cotto Cookware

Colorful cookware? Sure, why not? Sambonet’s Terra.Cotto Piral designs are “recognized as the highest quality terracotta cookware in the world able to withstand temperatures ranging from 250° C to 280°C in an oven or a microwave.” The materials are eco-friendly, so they’re a smart and easy addition to your collection of saucepans and pots.

Sambonet Terra.Cotto Cookware

Terra.Cotto Saucepot with Lid, 4″, 10 ounce, $99.95
Terra.Cotto Oval Casserole Pot with Lid, 5″x4″, $99.95
Terra.Cotto Saucepot with Lid, 6.25″, $239.95
Terra.Cotto Casserole Pot with Lid, 9.5″, 42 ounce, $339.95
Terra.Cotto Oval Casserole Pot with Lid, 11.75″x10″, 416 ounce, 385.95

Also available from Unison Home.

Updated price and link; originally posted Jan 12, 2015.

Available from Sambonet Shop, $99.95 - $385.95 .

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