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Swallow and Crane Kite

Swallow and Crane Kite

You’ve got an excellent reason to get out and enjoy the weather, because this Swallow Kite is just too good to pass up. Its wings flap when flying in the air, just like a real bird. There’s a larger Crane Kite as well, with “gangly” bamboo legs. Both would look just fine on a wall as decoration, but do make sure that they stretch their wings every now and then when the sun is out.

Materials: Bamboo and terylene silk
Handmade by master kite-makers in Weifang, China
Includes basic flying twine and easy assembly instructions

Swallow Kite Haptic Lab
Swallow Kite, $28.00
Measures 13″ x 28″ assembled

Swallow Kite Haptic Lab

Crane Kite Haptic Lab

Crane Kite, $56.00
Measures 56″ by 40″ in flight

Updated price and link; originally posted Jun 15, 2017.

Available from Haptic Lab, $28.00 - 56.00.

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