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Geo Ring Holders

Geo Ring Holders

Ladies, put your hands up… and gentlemen, let’s not leave you out, because you might just be cool enough to wear man rings (pinky rings do not count). Do you need a ring holder? These almost look like jewelry for your jewelry when all four of these Geo Ring Holders are lined up side by side, and despite being ‘trinket-y’ they’re all relatively safe bets for a small gift idea (for others or yourself). Plus, you always have the option of busting out some ‘Put A Ring On It’ lyrics- and dance moves- when you pick up/put down your rings.

Geo T Ring Holder, $10.00
Geo Top Ring Holder, $10.00
Geo J Ring Holder, $10.00
Geo Cone ring Holder, $10.00

Available from Umbra, $10.00 each.

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