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goodjoy Hooking Razors

goodjoy Hooking Razors

With all the money poured into the razor market, you’d have thought an idea like this would have surfaced back when double blades were the big thing. Made from PP plastic (polypropylene), this handy hanging razor can be recycled once the head is removed. The Hooking Razor can be purchased in a 4-pack at goodjoy’s shop (or if you’re in Europe, There’s also a hooking toothbrush, if you’re interested.

-available in white with logo colors: red, green, yellow, blue
-blade type: double blade with lubricating strip
-handle is made from polypropylene (PP) plastic
-blades slide off easily and handle can be recycled with your #5 plastics

Available from goodjoy, 10.00.

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