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Suga Wetsuits Yoga Mat

Suga Wetsuits Yoga Mat

What happens to old, worn wetsuits? Well, they usually end up in landfills, but if they’re lucky, they end up becoming a Suga Yoga Mat. Suga recycles old wetsuits into a soft, cushiony, surface for your yoga practice. Eventually, when it’s time for retirement (the mat, not you), it can be recycled. And, for $20 more, Suga’s C2G Mat offers you a replacement when your mat wears out- for life.

Suga Yoga Mat from Wetsuits

Made in California.

Got an old wetsuit? Send it in for a 10% discount.

Regular, 72″ x 25″ (183cm x 64cm), 5mm thick, $79.00
Extra-large, available from Suga, 75″x 26.5″ (190cm x 67.5cm), 5mm thick, $84.00

Suga Surf Mat from Wetsuits
Suga Surfmat, “a post-surf change mat to keep your wetsuit out of the sand & dirt.” Measures 24″ x 20″ and 3mm thick, $29.00

Available from Uncommon Goods, $79.00.

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